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340th BOMB GROUP (M) 



Simultaneous Missions in Brenner Pass 486th, 487th, 488th , and 489th Squadrons November 6, 1944 

Trento, Borgo, Castel Novo

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487th , 488th Squadrons November 6, 1944 

Much of the rail traffic in the Brenner Pass was electric so the transformer was a target.

Photo Credit:  Dan Setzer and 57th Bomb Wing website


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Trento, Italy today


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B-25s Flying Brenner Pass- Google Earth Video Animation!!!


57th Bomb Wing History “Battle of Brenner Pass”   (53 mb-right mouse button save-as file) A must read 114 page booklet with great photos describing the history and strategy of the 57th Bomb Wing and 340th Bomb Group from July 1944 to May 1945 (Operations Strangle and Bingo).  The Germans could repair track in a day and bridges in about one week!  (Credit to Herman Voss and Dan Setzer)


Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini at the Brenner Pass 1940  YouTube


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Nov 6, 1944  487th


Two distinct raids were executed by the 487th Squadron today. First one consisting of six airplanes took off at 09:53 hours carrying 72x100 phosphorous bombs to be dropped on gun positions at Trento, Italy. Anti-aircraft fire was heavy, intense and accurate, holing three ships.

Five of six enemy fighters were observed at 10 o'clock although only one made a pass at the formation. It was fired on when within 350 yards and came in directly under B-25, chandelled and went down with smoke trailing from its fuselage. Ten minutes later the remaining E/A in formation overtook the B-25's and at 1200 yds. started to come in at 6 o'clock but were unagressive breaking off when fired upon. Both S/Sgt. Woods and Sgt. Whipple claim the enemy fighter, but the actual downer will probably never be determined.    Text credit: Dan Setzer