340th BOMB GROUP (M) 



486th, 487th, 488th, and 489th Squadrons of the 340th Bomb Group on April 24, 1944


Ficulle, Italy today




April 25, 1944 


486th    Target for today was Ficulle South RR bridge. Briefing called for 1320 hrs, take-off was at 1449. Each squadron furnished 9 ships. The 486th bombed northwest of the RR bridge north of Orvieto. The last box consisting of three 486th and three 488th ships bombed S of the east end of the bridge and is not complete on the photos. Three ships in this last box were holed.

In 6H the radio gunner, Sgt. Bills, was wounded. This ship had about 8 holes. Sgt. Dilbeck the 1st Sgt. was along as an observer for his first combat mission - rough.

Ship 6F piloted by Lt. Sellers, Co-pilot Hartsock, Bombardier Olson, tail gunner Burnette, turret gunner MacDonald, radio gunner Damaini, had 195 large holes in the wings and fuselage, right engine ut and right prop feathered, but Lt. Sellers and crew all arrived back at Alesan L/G safely.

Ship 6Y was also holed, but not as badly as 6H and 6F.   Report credit:  Dan Setzer and 57th Bomb Wing website