340th BOMB GROUP (M) 




Trento, Italy targeted by 486th, 487th, 488th, and 489th Squadrons of the 340th Bomb Group on Jan. 20, 1945

Credit: Charles Cook collection



57th Bomb Wing History “Battle of Brenner Pass”   (53 mb-right mouse button save-as file) A must read 114 page booklet with great photos describing the history and strategy of the 57th Bomb Wing and 340th Bomb Group from July 1944 to May 1945 (Operations Strangle and Bingo).  The Germans could repair track in a day and bridges in about one week!  (Credit to Herman Voss and Dan Setzer)



Trento, Italy today


B-25s Flying Brenner Pass- Google Earth Video Animation!!!




487th BS Mission sheet credit:  (David Mershon) via Dominique Taddei

Capt. Charles M. Cook - Pilot  of 7H



486th BS Mission sheet credit:  Herman Voss



487th   January 20, 1945


Twelve bombers of the Squadron took off at 11:30 hours to bomb Trento Marshaling Yards in Northern Italy. Anti-aircraft fire was accurate and intense although despite the opposition a compact pattern was placed within the target area. Six planes were holed and 7L with Lts. La Vine, Gluckowski, F/O Farone; S/Sgts. Gregor, Mayer and Sgt. Summers aboard was downed over the target. It all happened so fast that no one really knows what occurred. Crew members of other planes noticed the distressed bomber on fire just before it headed earthward. Following formations reported two possible 'chutes coming from the downed ship. It's almost six months to the day since we lost a ship. -- June 22, 1944. Lt. Evans got quite a break as he ws supposed to fly 7L today until he was removed from the schedule to accompany the band for a week-end engagement.

Much drinking took place at the Officers Club tonite which was probably due to the catastrophe. It's amazing to see what a change an accident of that kind brings about among the combat men.  Text Credit:  Dan Setzer and 57th Bomb Wing website