340th Bomb Group (M)

487th Squadron Album-- Bombing

Sept 1942 to May 1944 (Selected Images credit to the anonymous 487th Editors)

Property of Capt. Charles M. Cook:  487th Squadron Pilot Mar. 1944-Feb. 1945

Text Box:  487th Squadron Insignia: The Black Knight over the battlefield of red and white is truly analogous to the modern medium bomber. As in days of old this hard-hitting force is out in front, back on the line and everywhere that a maneuverable shock force is needed. With the courage of the Black Knight we carry on these traditions.














Bombing Pantellaria

Bombing Comiso, Sicily

Bombing Randazzo, Navarro, Paterno, Sicily


Bombing Eboli, Battapaglia, Messina, Capna, Italy



Bombing Catania, Stromboli, Eboli, Italy


Bombing Severino, Lanciano, Falconara, Rome, Foggia, Iatly


Bombing Cistern Di Littorio, Anzio, Cassino, Italy


Bombing Kalamaki, Athens, Greece.   Bombing Naples, Itlay

Bombing  Zara, Mostar, Yugoslavia


Bombing Foligno, Terni, Volturno, Italy.   Bombing Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia


Bombing Orvieto, Carsoli, Marsciana, Italy


Bombing Tod, Orte, Orvieto, Italy


Bombing Orte, Italy.  Bombing Berat Kocov, Albania.  Bombing Sofia, Bulgaria.


Bombing Cupello, Italy.  Bombing Athens, Greece.