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During the time frame Bill Ross was in N. Africa, Jan. 16, 1943 to Aug. 3, 1943, the 97th BG occupied these bases:


Biskra, NE Algeria                                           c. 25 Dec 1942


Chateaudun-du-Rhumel, NE Algeria      c. 8 Feb 1943


Pont-du-Fahs, N. Tunisia  S of Tunis         c. 1 Aug 1943




"The commercial and military importance of North Africa to Rome cannot be overestimated: it was the granary of the Empire. Emperor Trajan established a frontier along the coast, and remains of settlements can be seen in Algeria at Setif, Tipaza and Djemila, which is an excellent example of town planning adapted to a mountain location."


Editor’s Note:  I had to search to find an exact match of Bill Ross’ 1943 photos of some of these ruins.

The photo below is a Roman Temple of Septimius Severus at Djemila (ancient Curculum), west of Constantine, Algeria

where some of the best preserved Roman ruins in North Africa are found..











Algeria-     Djemila Roman Amphitheater
































Local Girls